Effortless Amazon Affiliate Stores

Save money and grow your Amazon business with easy to use and fully automated microsite.

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Why Affiliate Store?

Perfect home destination for external marketing campaign. Delivers branded store experience with a laser-focus on bringing more Amazon business and maximize profits.

Be searchable everywhere

46% of clients start their product search not on amazon -- don't miss them!

Increase visibility of amazon products

Pop-up in amazon searches more often by driving direct sales to your inventory.

Diversify ad spend

Whole internet opens up in front of your business, literaly.

More insight

With Google Analytics you can better understand your clients behavior and retarget your visitors with specific ads...

Funnel social or email traffic

Have a social presence? Be sure to have microsite link there!

Improve brand representation

Branded store experience minimizes chance of customer slipping into cheaper alternative.

New product niche

Drive direct sales to your new products, increase chances of getting a review!

Holiday season

Usually Postal services are swamped during holidays. Fullfiling orders through amazon will help you satisfy late gift buyers.

You can start now, it's easy as pie.

Claim your 3 microsites with template that have been proven to convert well. Run optimised ad campaigns with Dynamic Ads, track your visitors through Google Analytics and retarget them in your Google Ads. And best part of this — it's Amazon TOS compatible.
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Premium add-ons

Our service will always be free of charge for a basic package.

In case you need more marketing power -- we have you covered with a set of Add-ons

Amazon Affiliate Tag

Use personal Amazon Affiliate account to get more insights, recoup affiliate fee from every sale and more.


Removes all attribution to our service. Offers more ways for personalisation.

Custom Domain with SSL

Website is not truly yours if there is no custom domain with FREE SSL registered through Let's Encrypt.​

Social Pixel

Retarget your visitors in social networks - such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.